Project Management

There are plenty of factors to consider when introducing a new cosmetics brand or product, and the success of the project depends on such factors. We have assisted with the development and launch of several cosmetics product lines that are now available worldwide, mostly in Europe, Asia and the USA. Before the start of the project, through our project management services we provide assistance with market research, advise on time factors and finances, and the risks and possibilities relating to the project. Following this, we manage the whole process of the product launch, to ensure that it is completed in time and without problems.


  • Preparing the project planning documentation, establishing the main steps that are required to start the project
  • Establishing the budget for the project
  • Creating the brand (Brand name, corporate identity design, marketing strategy)
  • Overseeing every aspect of the project, carrying out negotiations with sub-contractors and partners
  • Setting up and operating sales


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